A bowl of tomato paste with fresh tomatoes in the background
The Best Substitute For Tomato Paste When You Need It Quick
When you’re following a recipe that calls for tomato paste but find none in your pantry, swapping in cooked, concentrated fresh or canned tomatoes can save your meal plans.
To prepare canned tomatoes for use as a substitute, begin by blending them into a liquid form. If using fresh tomatoes, they should ideally be blanched and peeled first.
Simmer the tomato liquid, stirring occasionally, until it reduces to about a third of the original volume and thickens into a concentrated sauce. This will take about 10 minutes.
When selecting tomatoes for your substitution, opt for crushed, whole, or diced versions, or passata, without extra flavorings. These have fewer additives and a cleaner taste.
Although using ketchup may seem like a last resort, this ubiquitous sauce can actually enhance flavors with its sweetness, making it a secret ingredient in some marinara sauces.