Bottle of apple juice next to apples
The Best Substitute For Apple Juice In Recipes

Similar in flavor, consistency, and sweetness, white grape juice is the fuss-free and most accessible dupe to apple juice by a long shot, and there are three main reasons why.

First, other apple products, like apple cider or apple cider vinegar, are noticeably less sweet and need quite a bit of additional sugar or dilution to mimic apple juice’s flavor.

Second, certain fruit juices, like orange juice, contain pulp or other unfiltered material. Finally, unlike many other juices, white grape juice is easier to find on the market.

Most recipes that call for apple juice usually make the most of its mild flavor, slight acidity, and sugar content. Grape juice checks all those boxes for a one-to-one ratio swap.

Note that white grape juice is the best option, as red or concord grape juice can affect your food’s color. Plus, white grape juice is slightly sweeter than other grape juices.

With all that said, if a recipe centers around the apple flavor rather than a vague mellow fruitiness, grape juice isn't as close in flavor as sweetened apple cider or pear juice.