A fried filet sandwich and fries.
The Best Kind Of Fish To Use When Making A Fried Filet Sandwich

The fried fish sandwich is a classic American dish. It should feature tender fish with a crisp, golden-brown coating, so selecting the right kind of protein is essential.

Flaky white fish creates the best-fried fish sandwich. In addition to its textural advantages, white fish is fairly mild and will nicely complement the bold flavor of tartar sauce.

Consider the three top options: cod, haddock, and flounder. Cod boasts a tender texture, so turn to it if you want a buttery, soft piece of seafood.

While not as soft or flaky as cod, Haddock has a more pronounced, sweeter flavor. Use this if you want the fish to have a strong presence in your sandwich.

Flounder offers a cleaner flavor and contains omega-3 fatty acids. It has become popular thanks to Popeyes’ famous fried Flounder Fish Sandwich.