A closeup of a braised beef dish.
The Best Inexpensive Cut For Stunningly Tender Braised Beef
When it's steak night at your place, it can be worth it to splurge on a top-quality ribeye, but for tender and delicious braised beef, you don't need to use an expensive cut.
Beef chuck or shank are good choices, as they’re flavorful yet tough hard-working muscles on a cow, but for a more creative culinary adventure, you should consider a beef round.
This cut comes from the rear legs of the cow. Both the bottom and the top round are great for braising and stews, becoming soft and flavorful when slow-cooked.
The bottom round is slightly tougher and best for slow cooking, while the top round is especially flavorful when braised.
Round is a lean cut, but should still have enough fat to make it flavorful and tender. Look for cuts that are nicely marbled with streaks of white fat throughout the red muscle.
A low oven temperature of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for braising top round, which could take several hours, depending on the size of the cut.
The beef is ready once you can easily shred it with a fork. If you'd prefer to serve it in slices, let it rest for a few minutes after cooking to make cutting easier.