two avocado toasts with egg
The Best Cheeses To Give Avocado Toast A Creamy Boost
To boost the neutral taste of avocado toast and provide textural balance for the crunchy toast, opt for a smooth cheese like goat, brie, mascarpone, and cream or cottage cheese.
The soft cheese beneath the avocado can keep slices or piles from sliding off. A dab of creamy cheese between layers lets you pile up the toppings to form an artful dish.
To make crumbly cheeses such as feta, blue, ricotta, and asiago into avocado-toast options, blend them to smooth and lighten their consistency.
You can also add a nutty or sweet flavor with a dollop of plain or lightly sweetened crème fraîche. Just be sure not to overpower the natural deliciousness of the avocados.
Broaden your options by using premade cheese spreads, which sometimes incorporate cheeses that are not typically available in a soft form.