Bruschetta with tomatoes and fresh basil
The Best Bread To Serve Impressive Bruschetta On
Bruschetta is a delicious combination of crispy bread and diced tomatoes seasoned with olive oil, salt, and thin slices of basil. It is an easy, affordable, and nutritious snack.
Using the right bread is key to the taste and structural integrity of the dish, as a toasted slice forms the base of the dish and must hold the toppings and absorb juices and oil.
Country-style bread, with its craggy crust and spongy interior, is ideal. Made with just flour, water, salt, and yeast, it offers a mild flavor that allows the toppings to shine.
When making bruschetta, cut the bread into thick slices and toast it before adding the toppings. The dish is a great way to use up bread and vegetables that are past their prime.