potatoes boiling in water
The Best (And Worst) Kinds Of Potatoes For Boiling
There are typically three types of potatoes: waxy, starchy, and all-purpose. Waxy potatoes are best for boiling since they contain less starch and more moisture.
Waxy potatoes include red potatoes, new potatoes, and Russian banana fingerlings. All-purpose spuds, like Yukon Gold, are okay for boiling as they’ll still retain their shape.
Starchy varieties aren’t suitable for boiling since they soak up water and fall apart during boiling. However, the rules slightly differ for mashed potatoes.
For mashed potatoes, avoid waxy varieties as they’re lumpy. Use starchy or all-purpose potatoes, but don’t over-mash starchy potatoes as they’ll become gluey.
All-purpose potatoes are a safe bet for rich and fluffy mashed potatoes. The starchier the potato, the more important it is to leave it whole when boiling.
For high-starch varieties like russet potatoes, it's best to avoid boiling them altogether. In contrast, chop waxy varieties before boiling as they’re not prone to absorbing water.