a bowl of barbecue sauce with a brush on top
The Barbecue Sauce Bobby Flay Always Keeps
In His Pantry

According to Bobby Flay, store-bought barbecue sauce can improve grilled meats just as much as homemade sauce. Spicy Bone Suckin' Sauce is

his go-to store-bought sauce.

During a 2022 video, Flay gave a tour of his home pantry, noting that he likes to "always have barbecue sauce ready to go just in case."

Cayenne pepper adds the heat to the sauce, mixing it with tamarind, onion, turmeric, and horseradish. Cane sugar and molasses are used to balance the spiciness and tangy sweetness.

Flay has featured the sauce in some of his Food Network recipes, including his signature BBQ burgers, which calls for ½ cup of Spicy Bone Suckin' Sauce.