Bobby Flay in a chef's coat
The Bacon Alternative Bobby Flay Serves With Breakfast

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay likes to put his own twists on classic combinations. When it comes to breakfast, he likes to substitute the usual bacon for prosciutto.

Made from the hind leg of a pig, prosciutto means ham in Italian. Salted, air-dried, and aged prosciutto is often served as part of a charcuterie platter.

Flay quickly fries the paper-thin porky slices in a little oil so that they become crisp and firm. He then serves the prosciutto with scrambled eggs inside a focaccia sandwich.

Prosciutto not only crisps up in just a minute or two, it is also less fatty than bacon, so it makes a lighter dish. Make sure to use a bit of oil so it doesn’t stick to the pan.

Prosciutto is arguably more versatile than bacon. While bacon needs to be cooked, prosciutto is cured with salt before being aged for a long time, so it can be eaten as is.

Flay is a fan of both cooked and uncooked prosciutto, but he often crisps up prosciutto on his show “Beat Bobby Flay” when he’s looking to add texture to a dish.