Loukoumades dessert in a square bowl
The Ancient Greek Dessert That Conquers Donuts At Their Own Game
Greece is home to many delicious desserts such as loukoumades, tiny balls of deep-fried dough that are not only steeped in a luscious honey syrup but also in history.
Loukoumades are tiny dough balls that are fried until golden, covered with honey syrup, and topped with sugar, cinnamon, nuts, chocolate glaze, or toasted sesame seeds.
Today, loukoumades are sold at many street vendors and events like concerts, fairs, and festivals. Various versions of the dessert can be found in many surrounding countries.
Loukoumades’ origins are debated. Some claim they’ve been around since 776 B.C. when they were served at the inaugural Greek Olympic Games.
Others believe that loukoumades were the first-ever dessert recorded in writing by the Greek poet Callimachus, who referred to them as "honey tokens."