Loaves of brown bread
The 4 Main Ingredients To Make Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread At Home
With locations in 41 states, you’ve likely tried Cheesecake Factory’s renowned brown bread. If you want to make it at home, you’ll need four key ingredients.
Also known as chocolate bread or whole wheat baguette, brown bread is now packaged and sold at grocery stores nationwide, making it easier to decipher the ingredients.
While the exact recipe is closely guarded, home chefs have deciphered four ingredients that give the bread its delicious taste: molasses, honey, cocoa powder, and espresso powder.
Each of the four ingredients in copycat brown bread contribute to the flavor, color, texture, and aroma to help you recreate the iconic bread at home.
While the molasses, cocoa powder, and espresso powder will help contribute to the dark, rich hue of the bread, the honey will lighten it up with a beautiful golden color.
Once you’ve baked your loaf, eat it while warm with a spread of butter, serve it as a side to your meal, or use it to create a delicious sandwich.