The entrance of a Costco store.
The 3 US States That Still Don’t Have A Costco
600 of Costco’s 861 stores are in the United States, and you would think that every state in the country is bound to have at least one Costco location.
However, the states of Wyoming, West Virginia, and Rhode Island have yet to open any Costco locations, and population is a big reason why these states have no stores.
California has the highest population of any U.S. state and boasts 136 Costco locations, while Wyoming has the lowest population in the country, hence no Costco locations.
Costco also takes into consideration factors like employment, median household income, and projected population growth before deciding to open a store.
Costco's methodical approach to selecting new locations means its membership profile is relatively affluent compared to its competitors.
So it’s very unlikely that Costco will open stores in Rhode Island, West Virginia, or Wyoming solely to have locations in all 50 states.