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The 2 Kinds Of Mustard Ina Garten Likes To Mix Together
When it comes to incorporating mustard in a dish, celebrity chef Ina Garten prefers combining Maille's whole grain Dijon mustard with Grey Poupon's smooth Dijon mustard.
Grey Poupon does not specify what kind of mustard seeds it uses, but the rest of the ingredients list includes items like salt, sugar, distilled white vinegar, and white wine.
Maille whole-grain mustard has a similar list of ingredients. The difference between the two mustards is that Grey Poupon is blended, and Maille leaves the mustard seeds intact.
Blended mustard seeds yield a pungent, sharp, tangy taste and a creamy consistency, whereas whole mustard seeds result in a milder taste and a pleasant textural pop.
By mixing the two, Garten imparts the best of both worlds in dishes like mustard-roasted fish, filet mignon with mustard sauce, and crispy seared kielbasa with a mustard dip.
Mustard seeds have quite a bit of mucilage, which acts as a strong emulsifier, and whole-grain mustards have the most mucilage, making them ideal for holding vinaigrettes together.
However, if you want a strong taste to stand up to rich proteins, sweet roasted root vegetables, or sharp and creamy cheeses, you will want to add some smooth Dijon mustard, too.