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Target's 3 In-Store Grocery Brands, Explained
Target offers three in-store grocery brands: Good & Gather, Market Pantry, and Favorite Day, featuring a wide range of food items and more across various categories.
Market Pantry arrived in 2001 and slowly began getting replaced with the newer and broader brand, Good & Gather, in 2019. The newbie, Favorite Day, focuses on sweet treats.
Good & Gather is the largest brand, boasting over 2,000 products that are free of artificial sweeteners and flavors, synthetic colors, and high fructose corn syrup.
The Good & Gather line encompasses a wide range of products including frozen pizzas with unique toppings like pepperoni with spicy honey and mushroom with truffle oil.
Favorite Day, the "fun sibling" brand, offers around 700 goodies appealing to younger customers, divided into Favorite Day Bakery and Favorite Day Gourmet, all priced under $15.
Market Pantry, the elder brand, has historically generated over $1 billion in annual sales, and some of its products are rebranded under Good & Gather.
However, others remain as family-friendly, budget-friendly pantry staples like flour, canned goods, and bacon, costing up to 30% less than national brands.