Breakfast sandwich on a plate
Switch Out The Bacon For Buttery Carbonara Breakfast Sandwiches
If you like eggs, bacon, and cheese, chances are you love pasta carbonara, a dish featuring long noodles, grated pecorino romano cheese, eggs, and cured pork jowl or guanciale.
Since a standard breakfast sandwich also features eggs, bacon, and cheese, you can add the flavors of carbonara to it by swapping the cheddar and bacon for pecorino and guanciale.
It’s crucial to pair the creamy, delicious filling with bread that has proper crust and crunch. Focaccia, thick slices of toasted sourdough, or an English muffin will work well.
Butter the toasted bread to provide a moisture barrier that prevents sogginess. Slowly heat chopped guanciale in a cold pan until it gets crispy and the fat gets rendered.
Then, take out the guanciale and use the fat to scramble the eggs. Fattier than regular bacon and more flavorful, the rendered fat will imbue your scrambled eggs with more flavor.
Add the pecorino near the end, and you’ll be left with scrumptious, smoky scrambled eggs. The sandwich will have a complex, buttery note and a flavor that bacon can't match.