blocks of butter on top each other
Sweet Cream Butter Vs Standard: What's The Difference?
Sweet cream butter, often misunderstood, is simply standard American-style butter made from fresh pasteurized cream. It’s not sweetened or creamier than regular butter.
It's commonly found in American grocery stores and kitchens, available in salted or unsalted versions, and can be used interchangeably with other fresh cream-based butters.
Sweet cream butter is made from pasteurized fresh cream without fermentation. In contrast, European-style butters are cultured, meaning they’re fermented with live bacteria.
European-style butter is thicker and more complex with a richer flavor due to its higher butterfat content. Conversely, sweet cream is milder with a more neutral creamy flavor.
Sweet cream butter has fresh or grassy notes, while the live bacteria in cultured butter give it a tangy, sour flavor and a thicker, creamier consistency, like yogurt.