A chicken being cooked in a rotisserie
Supermarket Rotisserie Chickens You Should Buy And Ones To Avoid
Costco's rotisserie chicken, priced at $4.99 since 2009, offers juicy, well-seasoned meat and crispy skin. At three pounds, it's a large, meaty, and affordable choice.

The chicken’s unbeatable value, delicious taste, and satisfying texture make Costco's rotisserie chicken a must-buy for a generous, flavorful meal without breaking the bank.

Fresh Market's rotisserie chicken has consistently dry meat, making it a poor choice for any dish. At nearly $10 for under two pounds, it's overpriced.
Fresh Market

The small size and lack of seasoning make every bite a negative experience. Despite the high price, Fresh Market's rotisserie chicken fails to deliver on taste and texture.

Sprouts' rotisserie chicken is seasoned with a tasty mix of garlic, onion, and parsley. Free from antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, it's a healthy and flavorful choice.

The chicken offers a juicy texture and a distinctive smoky flavor. Free of extra fatty or stringy pieces, Sprouts' chicken ensures a satisfying and high-quality meal every time.

With dry meat and a lackluster flavor, Whole Foods' rotisserie chicken isn’t recommended, despite the store's focus on responsibly raised, humane conditions.
Whole Foods
Its baggy-skinned appearance adds to the disappointment. Unless using it for shredded chicken recipes with additional seasonings, Whole Foods' rotisserie chicken is best avoided.
Smart & Final's rotisserie chicken is a jumbo-sized option with ample, flavorsome meat, making it perfect for stretching a single chicken across multiple meals.
Smart & Final
This chicken maintains its juiciness even the next day, ensuring no wasted leftovers. Reviews are generally positive, with customers even describing it as the best they've had.