Sunny Anderson smiling
Sunny Anderson's Favorite Powerhouse Secret Ingredient

Chef Sunny Anderson, star of "The Kitchen," loves spicy food. One spicy ingredient that the chef always keeps in her fridge is DIY pickled jalapeños.

To make a batch of Anderson's secret ingredient, slice up jalapeños and add boiling vinegar and seasonings into a canning jar. Allow the peppers to cool in the fridge for an hour.

The pickling process changes the flavor and texture of the peppers, enhancing any dish they're added to. The jalapeños will also absorb the flavors of anything they're pickled in.

Pickling can make the peppers a little bit softer and dull their heat. Despite these slight differences, pickled jalapeños can generally be used in the same way as fresh peppers.

Though the pickled jalapeños can be added into more typical fare like tacos or burgers, Anderson also uses them to spice up deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and salad dressings.