Pumpkin ravioli with Parmesan and herbs
Stuffed Pastas To Know About And Cook With
Bologna and Modena both claim to be the birthplace of this small, ring-shaped stuffed pasta, which is usually served tossed in pesto, marinara, or Alfredo, or in soup
Tortellini is traditionally cooked in meat stock, and typical fillings include ricotta or Parmesan cheese, egg, and meats like prosciutto, pork loin, Mortadella, and shredded beef.
Tortelloni is a medium-sized keyhole-shaped pasta typically served with vegetarian fillings like ricotta, pumpkin, or leafy greens such as parsley and spinach.
Popular in Northern Italy, especially on Christmas Eve, tortelloni’s larger size allows for more generous fillings. The pasta pairs well with sage butter, pesto, or a tomato sauce.
Mezzelune is a half-moon- shaped stuffed pasta, commonly filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, or meat, and sometimes beets. It is most often boiled but can also be fried.
Similar to ravioli and a staple of Northern Italian cuisine, mezzelune’s popularity stems from its versatility in fillings and sauce pairings, as well as its texture and aesthetic.
Meaning "little cap," cappelletti is said to be named after the Spanish soldiers' pointed hats from the 1600s. It is typically filled with ricotta or Parmesan cheese.
Cappelletti makes a great addition to soups and broths, and can be tossed in various pasta sauces. Once reserved for the elite, this popular pasta is often served at celebrations.
Ravioli is a well-known and much-loved stuffed pasta in the U.S. and throughout the world. The dish hails from Northern Italy, although many regional variations exist.
Ravioli is traditionally stuffed with ricotta cheese and meat, but can also include vegetables, seafood, and other ingredients. It cooks quickly and pairs well with various sauces.