Chicken skewers on a grill
Soak Your Kebab Skewers Like Alton Brown For Hassle-Free Grilling

Soaking your wooden kebab skewers is crucial to ensure your kebab cooks evenly and quickly, and Alton Brown suggests sticking them in a plastic bottle filled with water.

It's a mess-free solution that provides an easy dispensing system when you're ready to assemble the kebabs. Brown says, "Give the bottle a little squeeze and they'll pop right up."

Brittle wooden and bamboo skewers can catch fire or char if not soaked. Moist skewers distribute the heat through the middle of the kebab.

Skewers should be entirely immersed in clean water for at least 10-30 minutes. The longer a skewer is going to stay on the grill, the longer you'd want to leave it in water.

Soaking skewers overnight for long grilling sessions is okay, but soaking them for days will make them turn mushy and contaminate the water, making them useless and unsafe.

Before using this hack, be sure to wash your bottle thoroughly and use skewers that are on the thicker side. Thin skewers are likely to dry out and char even when properly soaked.