Starbucks iced tea in a cup.
Skip The Water To Get Your Starbucks Iced Tea At Full Strength

If you want a stronger iced tea at Starbucks, you can request your drink with "no water" and instead receive the premade, non-diluted version.

Starbucks' shaken iced teas are made with a one-to-one ratio of tea and water, and the added ice will only dilute the drink. Asking for "no water" can double the strength of your drink.

Also, unlike other Starbucks mobile order drinks, iced teas can be customized in the app or online to not include ice or water.

Starbucks' $1 upcharge for "no water" only applies to Refreshers, so ordering tea at double strength is okay. You may be charged if you customize a Refresher with tea and no water.

A different way to order your drink is by requesting it without water or ice. Next, ask for a cup of water or ice on the side to add as much or as little as you'd like.