A pound cake with slices.
Skip Preheating For The Best Pound Cake Around

Preheating the oven before baking isn't always a requirement. For crumbly and delicious pound cakes, forgoing this step will yield a better result.

A cold oven could take baked goods like pound cake to the next level. This is because pound cake uses some combination of baking powder or baking soda as leavening agents.

When you bake the batter in a cold oven instead of a preheated one, the leavening agent is given more time to work its magic, making it fluffier and rise more.

The method creates a crust around the inner crumb that is thicker and more caramelized. This will help your loaf last longer by trapping the moisture of the inner crumb inside.

When making this in a cold oven, remember that the baking time may differ from what's listed on the recipe. Keep an eye on your cake when you use a cold oven.