Tomato sauce with cheese and herbs on spaghetti
Secret Ingredients You Should Be Using To Upgrade Spaghetti Sauce
Italian canned tomatoes, such as those produced under the San Marzano brand, add authentic flavors, enhancing the overall experience of your spaghetti sauce.
Italian Tomatoes
Imported canned tomatoes are typically easy to find in local grocery stores or online vendors. Simply add them to the sauce during the cooking process in place of your usual brand.
Charred tomato paste is tomato paste cooked on medium-low heat with a few drops of olive oil until it caramelizes and browns, resulting in smoky, robust flavors.
Charred Paste
Cook the paste at the very beginning, before adding tomatoes, water, or any other ingredients. Use any tomato paste available, as it's the charring process that gives it flavor.
Adding sugar balances the acidity of the tomatoes, transforming a harsh marinara into a perfectly balanced savory and sweet sauce. Brown sugar or raw sugar are recommended.
When adding sugar to the sauce, start slowly and taste after each addition to avoid making the sauce overly sweet. Substitutes like honey, maple syrup, and agave can also be used.
The alkaline content of carrots balances the acidity in a spaghetti sauce, enhancing and enriching flavors. You can use any carrots, either finely shredded raw or sautéed.
Add carrots slowly and taste as you go. For a smoother sauce, blend the carrots into a purée, or add two small peeled carrot sticks and remove them after they absorb the acidity.
Coffee adds depth to the overall flavor and accentuates the sweet elements in the sauce. Use any instant coffee or a few tablespoons of your regular brewed coffee.
Instant Coffee
Use a single teaspoon of instant coffee diluted in water or stock for a full batch of sauce. Ensure the coffee is not flavored, as this can alter the intended taste of the sauce.