"Monstera deliciosa" fruit on a wooden plate.
Say Hello To The Monstera Deliciosa, The Russian Roulette Of Fruit

Almost everything you need to know about the "Monstera deliciosa" fruit is in its name. Its scientific name translates to "delicious monster.”

The Monstera resembles a long ear of corn covered in green scales. Beneath those scales lies its yellowish fruit, which also looks like kernels of corn.

Once its scales begin to come off and the fruit exudes its sweet aroma, it's ready to eat. If you nibble too soon, you'll wish you hadn't, as it is like a game of Russian roulette.

The unripe fruit contains oxalic acid, which can irritate your skin and throat. As the fruit ripens, the calcium oxalate crystals dissipate, making the fruit safe to eat.

The Monstera is ripe when its outer scales peel away on their own. Some believe a small amount of oxalic acid may remain in ripe fruit, so eating it in moderation is wise.