Deviled eggs on a wooden table.
Say Goodbye To Runny Deviled Egg Filling With One Pantry Ingredient

Deviled eggs are a fast and easy appetizer. However, adding too much mustard or vinegar can make it too thin, but a bit of instant mashed potatoes is all you need to correct it.

When mixed into overly moist deviled egg filling, the potatoes absorb moisture, become soft, and help achieve the ideal texture without masking the flavor.

This product comes in various forms: flakes, powder, and granules. Size is a crucial variable in determining how much to add so you don't end up with a filling that's too dry.

To avoid this, add instant mashed potatoes gradually, allowing them time to rehydrate and stirring intermittently to assess if more is needed.

You might also want to mash them with a fork. If the pieces are small, consider placing them in a zip-top bag, then snip off a corner to pipe directly into your egg whites.