Salvador Dalí in front of his painting
Salvador Dalí Had An Unusual Avocado Toast Recipe
Artist Salvador Dalí’s 1973 cookbook "Les Diners de Gala" features recipes served at his many lavish dinner parties in the 1940s, which include the familiar avocado toast.
However, Dalí’s version of the hors d'oeuvre unexpectedly brought together avocados with tequila and poached lamb brains, and the recipe was thoughtfully balanced.
To recreate the dish, soak a lamb brain in cold water and remove the outer skin. Then, return the brain to water, occasionally changing it to remove any blood.
Next, boil a pint of water with vinegar and beef bouillon and poach the brain in it for 25 minutes. Once done, mash the brain into a creamy paste-like consistency using a fork.
Mix the paste with three smashed avocado pears, salt, cayenne pepper, three tablespoons of tequila, and minced almonds, and use the mixture to top toasted slices of rye bread.