Celebrity chef Martha Stewart holding up a book.
Safely Get Rid Of Cooking Oil With Martha Stewart's Paper Towel Hack

The one way you should never dispose of cooking oil is by pouring it into your sink. Thankfully, lifestyle queen Martha Stewart has an easy and practical solution for oil disposal.

In a TikTok video titled "How To Soak Up Oil in a Pan," she shared her #cookingtok hack by demonstrating how to simply sop up the remaining oil with paper towels.

​​Oils can accumulate in your pipes and, in time, cause blockages. In her TikTok video, Martha explains that you can quickly dispose of used cooking oil or melted butter using the technique.

Martha takes a big wad of what appears to be at least five or six sheets of paper towel and carefully lays them directly into a pan filled with about an inch of hot oil.

She soaks up the oil while moving the paper in a wiping motion and says the pan will cool off quickly and then can be safely washed.