A bowl of potato salad garnished with parsley
Russian Vs American Potato Salad: What's The Difference?
Potato salad comes in classic American and Russian versions, each featuring different ingredients that enhance the potatoes' flavor while reflecting distinct culinary traditions.
Russian potato salad, known as "Olivier Salad," includes additions like ham, pickles, peas, carrots, and hard-boiled eggs, which are mixed with potatoes, mayo, and fresh herbs.
The original Olivier Salad, created by Lucien Olivier in the 1860s in Moscow, included luxurious ingredients like caviar, capers, and crayfish, but the dish has evolved over time.
American potato salad is chunkier and typically includes fewer vegetables. This popular mix of potatoes, diced onion, celery, and pickles is a staple at barbecues and picnics.
The American version has roots in German immigrant recipes, which were adapted by Black Southern families, and now encompasses regional versions like Texas and Amish potato salad.