Rosemary sprig and lemon slices in a bottle of water
Rosemary-Infused Water Holds A Lot Of Flavor For Almost No Effort
Many people find it difficult to drink plain water all day long because it is the epitome of bland. However, something as simple yet unexpected as rosemary can help.
Rinse a sprig of the woody, fragrant herb under running water and drop it in your water bottle, pitcher, or carafe to infuse the liquid with an herbaceous, unforgettable flavor.
Rosemary will infuse its flavor immediately, but you can shake or stir the water to accelerate the release of its oils. A single sprig should suffice for one glass or water bottle.
After an hour or two, the flavor should be noticeable without being overwhelming. Feel free to add flavorings like citrus slices, ginger, cucumber, watermelon, or strawberries.
You can also infuse sparkling water with rosemary for a tasty, bubbly option. With myriad health benefits, rosemary truly is great for making you more inclined to drink more water.