A close-up of rhubarb stalks growing in the ground
Rhubarb Grows So Fast That You Can Actually Hear It
Yorkshire's famed “forced rhubarb” initially grows in fields, but after two years, farmers move it into dark sheds, triggering rapid growth that produces audible pops and creaks.
The Rhubarb Triangle, between Wakefield, Bradford, and Leeds in England, cultivates some of the world’s finest rhubarb, with generations of farmers growing it since 1877.
Yorkshire forced rhubarb has enjoyed Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status since 2010, an accolade it shares with foods such as Gruyère cheese and Modena's balsamic vinegar.
Compared to wholly outdoor-grown varieties, forced rhubarb has more tender white flesh, deeper hued stalks, and a sweeter taste.
While in the dark, the rhubarb grows around an inch a day. The growth is accompanied by audible pops and creaks as the stalks reach toward the obscured sun.