Focaccia topped with cheese and herbs
Refrigerator Vs Room Temperature: Where Should You Store Focaccia?
Focaccia is a delicious Italian bread drenched in olive oil, with a heavily salted surface and an alluring, warm, yeasty aroma. It's often served topped with meat or cheese.
While this bread goes stale quickly, don't put it in the refrigerator. Unless it has fresh ingredients such as meats and cheese, focaccia should be stored at room temperature.
Low temperatures accelerate bread's natural staling process. When left in the fridge, retrogradation and recrystallization of its starches will result in a rock-hard loaf.
Store focaccia between 68 to 72° Fahrenheit, away from sunlight. Wrap it in plastic or beeswax wrap and place it in a bag or airtight container to help keep the bread soft.