A lasagna dish in a casserole pan.
Ree Drummond's Secret Weapon Ingredient For Creamy Lasagna
Some people dislike cottage cheese's wet, lumpy appearance, but celebrity chef Ree Drummond believes it's an essential ingredient to create the best lasagna ever.
Cottage cheese works well in lasagna because it's easy to find, simple to use, and great for adding a cheesy, creamy, and tangy taste to the finished dish.
Rather than using ricotta, Drummond mixes low-fat cottage cheese with beaten eggs, seasonings, and Parmesan cheese; she likes using Kraft to make things even easier.
She then spreads the mixture directly over the lasagna noodles before layering it with mozzarella and her meat sauce mixture, repeating this process for each layer.
The result is so satisfying, says Drummond, that when she made the dish for her (now) husband, it resulted in him proposing.