A curl of fresh butter on bread
Reasons You Should Churn Your Own Butter
Churning your own butter is easier than you might expect. An ancient butter churn isn’t required; you just need a 1-quart jar with a screw-top lid and a cup of heavy cream.
It's Easy
Pour the cream into the jar, seal it, and let it sit overnight. Then, shake the jar for about 10 minutes, or mix it in a food processor, until the solids separate from the liquid.
Buttermilk is the watery liquid left after the butter solids separate from the cream. It is pale yellow, tangy, and can be used as an ingredient or consumed as a drink.
Simply strain the butter through a cheesecloth after churning to separate the last of the liquid. Use buttermilk in recipes like pancakes, fried green tomatoes, or biscuits.
Churning butter not only gives you a delicious end product, shaking the jar vigorously for 10-plus minutes will also exercise your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.
Mini Workout
Butter molds come in various forms including animal shapes and other decorative designs. Simply scoop the butter into the mold, press it, refrigerate, and then serve.
Butter Molds
Homemade fresh butter has a pure, creamy flavor, and can be salted to your exact preference. It will also retain a slight taste of home due to cultures from the air.
Fresh Butter
Supermarket butter is processed and often lacks the fresh, nuanced flavor of fresh butter. If stored for a while, butter can develop a sour, metallic, or freezer-burned taste.