Coffee beans on a scoop.
Rare Types Of Coffee You Should Try At least Once In Your Life

One kind of coffee beans are farmed in St. Helena: arabica. The taste is distinctive enough that the St. Helena Distillery uses it to create Midnight Mist Coffee Liqueur.

St. Helena

Cat poop coffee, known as Kopi Luwak, comes from civets, cat-like creatures, eating coffee cherries. Their digestive system ferments the cherries, creating viable coffee beans.

Kopi Luwak

Black Ivory coffee has also been harvested from animal poop, this time from elephants. One study showed elevated antioxidants in this coffee, but other coffees showed similar results.

Black Ivory

Always look for bags that say "100% Kona.” Type I is mid-grade quality, often for commercial uses, and type II is when one cherry results in only one coffee bean.


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is grown in a 1.23 square acre location in Jamaica, and is its own variety. Constant humidity allows for a richer flavor, but the beans are difficult to farm.