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Ranking Bacon Brands From Worst To Best

Jones Dairy Farm hickory smoked Canadian bacon doesn't pack the punch of American-style strip bacon. Still, it's delicious, hickory-smoked, textural, and hammy to chew.

8. Jones

Hormel Black Label pecanwood thick-cut bacon tasted smoked but without an actual fully-dimensional flavor. Also, the cooked fatty bits were jiggling on the ends.

7. Hormel

Hempler's Original center cut bacon has shorter-length slices, and is pleasantly savory. There's a rich color, no bits of fat, and it's easy to get a consistent cook.

6. Hempler's

Jimmy Dean hickory smoked premium bacon has thick parts that bottleneck into thin strips. The flavor is mediocre hickory flavor, and nothing to write home about.

5. Jimmy Dean

Wright Brand applewood thick-cut bacon weirdly smelled kind of rubbery, but it had a smooth, caramel-like applewood flavor that lended a smoky sweetness.

4. Wright Brand