Sliced BBQ beef.
Ranking 18 Popular BBQ Chains In The US

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q had dry brisket and the barbecue sauce was nondescript and underwhelming. The tomato based sauce in their green bean side was thin and watery.

18. Bill Miller

Famous Dave's BBQ Restaurant is not the most authentic barbecue experience. The pulled pork was dry and the sauce flavors tasted too similar to corporate brands.

17. Famous Dave's

Red Hot & Blue ranks low because their ribs fall off the bone. This indicates overcooking, and Red Hot & Blue's ribs don't have the mouth feel one wants.

16. Red Hot & Blue

Dickey's Barbecue Pit offers high quality, no hormones added meats. They also offer plenty of tasty sides to choose from, including creamed corn and green beans with bacon.

15. Dickey's

Woody's Bar-B-Q has a plethora of decent barbecue — but none of the items are outstanding. Their ribs contain overcooked meat and a mushy texture.

14. Woody's