A closeup of Rachel Ray smiling.
Rachael Ray's Genius Tip To Keep Eggshells Out Of Your Food
Fishing for eggshells in your food is frustrating, but thankfully celebrity chef Rachel Ray has come up with an impressive trick that keeps your food eggshell-free.
Her trick involves cracking eggs in a separate small bowl or ramekin before adding the whites and yolks to a mixing bowl filled with the other ingredients.
This allows you to find any rogue shell pieces before seamlessly adding your eggs to the rest of your ingredients, resulting in an eggshell-free dish.
If you need multiple eggs for a recipe, it’s best to crack and blend each egg separately before moving on to another.
This will make it easier to see and grab the shells when you aren't wrist-deep in the batter bowl. It’s also easier to incorporate eggs into a batter one at a time.
Finally, it’s also helpful to use a clear bowl or dish so you can examine the bottom to ensure you've gotten all the unwelcome pieces out of the way.