Queen Elizabeth II smiling
Queen Elizabeth Liked Her Scrambled Eggs With Two Unique Ingredients
The late Queen Elizabeth was a fan of the rich, creamy taste of scrambled eggs and enjoyed hers with two unusual seasonings: nutmeg and lemon zest, stirred in just before serving.
Adding lemon to eggs isn't as unusual as it seems. A bit of acid, like lemon zest, can enhance the flavor and texture, making scrambled or fried eggs softer and more delicious.
Nutmeg, a subtly sweet and warmly nutty spice, is derived from the seed of the Myristica fragrans tree. Bought whole or ground, it's used to enhance both sweet and savory dishes.
A pinch of nutmeg adds gentle spiciness to scrambled eggs, which contrasts nicely with the citrus zest. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed her eggs creamy, slowly cooked with milk and butter.
The Queen’s eggs were also garnished with snipped chives and, occasionally, opulent truffle shavings.