Scoops of various ice creams
Prevent Freezer Burnt Ice Cream With These Simple Hacks
Air exposure causes ice cream to get freezer burnt, but this issue can be avoided by finishing your ice cream in one sitting or reducing the time it spends outside the freezer.
Your best bet is to scoop the ice cream into a bowl, use a spoon to smooth out the surface of the ice cream left in the container, and then return it to the freezer immediately.
Doing so will reduce the surface area being exposed to the air. However, ice crystals can also form when the liquid present on the treat (when it melts) evaporates and refreezes.
That is likely because the lid of the ice cream container wasn't secured properly or was damaged, punctured, or not super tight-fitting, allowing air to sneak in.
To prevent freezer burn under such conditions, press a piece of plastic wrap, parchment paper, or wax paper directly on the top of the ice cream before putting the lid back on.
Then, store the ice cream at the back of the freezer, as the front portion and the flap of the door are the warmest and most exposed to air when you open the freezer door.
As for other hacks, make sure ice cream is the last food you buy at the store, and use an insulated bag or blast your car’s air conditioning vents towards it when carrying it home.