closeup of a lime
Preserve Large Batches Of Cocktail Lime Juice With This Tip

Unless you have an electric juicer, making a lot of citrus juice is a tedious job. Thankfully, there’s a way to create a flavorful lime juice alternative without all the squeezing.

Simply blend the peels — making sure to avoid adding the bitter white pith — with water and food-grade citric and malic acids to create shelf-stable lime juice.

Start with 8 limes, approximately 45 grams of citric acid, and 8 grams of malic acid. This product lasts a week or two in the fridge compared to fresh-squeezed juice.

After straining the liquid, use it in bulk to make cocktails or pop it in the fridge for a future gathering. The result is a fresh taste that outshines store-bought lime juice.

The simple formula, credited to Kentucky bartender Nickle Morris, maximizes the flavor from the peels to reduce food waste and extend the shelf life of the product significantly.

The powdered acids prevent the bitterness, discoloration, and off flavors that develop from air exposure, and the liquid distills the strong aromatic oils of the rind.