Bowl of ranch with saltine crackers
Perfect Restaurant-Style Ranch By Using Lime Mayo
There’s a reason ranch always tastes better at a restaurant, and it’s because they swap in lime mayonnaise for the regular kind. It’s simple and easy to replicate at home.
Start with a packet of ranch dressing seasoning, and use Hidden Valley’s restaurant-style buttermilk ranch seasoning, buttermilk, sour cream, and McCormick’s Mayonesa with lime.
Several TikTok users, like @jordan_the_stallion8, have tried this out, and admit that the mayonnaise itself is the star of the show.
While it’s unknown what goes into the ranch dressing at every restaurant, they often jazz things up by adding extra flavors like herbs, citrus zests, and onions.
Using lime mayonnaise in homemade ranch provides an instant flavor enhancement because it's made with tangy lime juice concentrate, which brightens the dressing's flavor.