Ostrich egg in the dark
Ostrich Vs. Chicken Eggs: Which Is The Most Nutritious?
Ostrich eggs are huge, as they can weigh upwards of three pounds and measure 7 inches long. Along with their massive size, ostrich eggs dwarf chicken eggs in nutrition.
Ostrich eggs contain a whopping 47 grams of protein in each egg, in addition to more healthy unsaturated fats, fewer saturated fats, and plenty of omega-3s and vitamins.
In 100-gram samples, ostrich eggs have about 2 grams more protein than chicken eggs. Ostrich eggs also have slightly less fat and sodium.
Ostrich eggs contain more minerals like iron and magnesium than chicken eggs. On the flipside, they have less vitamin A and E and contain more carbs and cholesterol.
Along with their nutritious profile, ostrich eggs can promise a variety of health benefits, like a healthier heart, stronger bones, and a more robust immune system.
It isn’t easy to cook an ostrich egg. They are equivalent to about 20 chicken eggs, have a shell that’s ten times thicker than a regular shell, and take about 45 minutes to cook.
If you’d like to try an ostrich egg, it will cost about $40 for a single egg, but it’ll likely be worth it as a single egg will easily serve half a dozen people.