J. Robert Oppenheimer smoking
Oppenheimer Drank His Martinis With A Sweet And Sour Rim
While a five-to-one ratio of gin or vodka to vermouth in martinis is popular nowadays, earlier versions of the classic drink contained far more vermouth in the mix.
However, history-making physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s recipe, shared online by the Los Alamos National Laboratory that he helped establish, is not so much of a classic martini.
Oppenheimer’s martini, which had a sweet and sour rim made with honey and lime juice and called for only a touch of vermouth, was tested by The Washington Post writer Emily Heil.
Per Heil, "If we take the "dash" stipulated in the Los Alamos recipe to be about a quarter of an ounce, the 'Oppie' martini has an eye-popping 16-to-1 ratio of gin to vermouth."
Oppenheimer liked his martinis shaken and exceptionally cold. To make the drink, mix honey and lime juice and dip the rim of a chilled martini glass in the mixture.
Then, combine four ounces of gin and just a whisper of dry vermouth in a cocktail shaker full of ice. Shake the drink vigorously before straining it into the glass and serving.