Whisky pouring into a glass.
Move Over Scotland — You Should Be Trying Whisky From India

Indian whisky producers are creating a spirit that showcases Indian grains, climate, and water rather than replicating the taste of European and North American counterparts.

Some of the products from brands like Amrut and Rampur can go toe-to-toe with the best whiskies in the world. They are popular in global markets and have won prestigious awards.

Indian whisky made with sugar-based spirits tends to be fruity and sweet with notes of caramel and vanilla. This tastes similar to rum, which is made by fermenting sugar cane.

India’s climate accelerates evaporation. That evaporation results in a whisky that develops a deeper flavor and higher alcohol content in a much shorter time.

Indian single malt has a spiciness, and the taste of the grains takes center stage. Scotch and Indian whisky have citrus, smoke, leather, and grass notes.