Rolled slices of bologna
Mortadella Vs. Bologna: The Mixture Difference To Know
The ever-popular deli meats, mortadella and bologna, make an enjoyable snack or convenient sandwich filling. While they may look similar, their ingredients and origins differ.
Hailing from Bologna, Italy, mortadella is made from pork seasoned with black pepper. It must contain at least 15% cubed fat from the neck of the pig.
Careful preparation, which involves mincing and steaming, gives Mortadella its fine, delicate texture. Served thinly sliced, the meat is ideal for sandwiches or antipasto platters.
American bologna or "baloney" was likely concocted by Italian and German immigrants. It is a seasoned mix of various meats such as beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and animal organs.
It's required that American bologna be finely ground to the point where no fat is visible and contain no more than 10% water and 30% fat. It can be found in artisanal versions.