Hand slicing cake with pink frosting
Mix Cool Whip And Cream Cheese For An Easy, Decadent Frosting

Mixing full-fat or "original" Cool Whip and full-fat cream cheese makes for a decadent frosting with light and fluffy textures that are balanced with a delicious cream cheese tang.

Before making the frosting, keep your utensils in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then, using a mixer, beat some cream cheese bricks until smooth, and add dollops of thawed Cool Whip.

Since Cool Whip is sweetened, the frosting won’t need additional sugar, but you can mix the cream cheese with powdered sugar before adding it to Cool Whip for some extra sweetness.

You can use a gel-based food coloring to add color without affecting the texture. The frosting’s fat content will stabilize it, but it should still be kept cold to prevent weeping.

The frosting can last seven days if refrigerated in an airtight container. Once you put it between cake layers or on cupcakes, avoid leaving the treat out for more than 30 minutes.