Spooning mayonnaise from a jar.
Mayonnaise Is The Secret To Cleaning Water Rings Off Your Table

If you have a wooden table, you may have stains on the surface caused by water damage. However, mayonnaise is a superhero stain remover that can restore your wood's pristine look.

Spread mayo on the stain and top off with a paper towel. After a few hours, wipe away the mayo, and your wood should return to its unblemished finish.

The fat that comes from the egg yolks and oil sinks into the stain and displaces the water that has soaked into the wood. The vinegar in mayo also helps dissolve the stain.

There are other household uses for mayonnaise, and it can be so useful that even if you don't like eating it, it might be worth keeping in your fridge for when messes and stains strike.