A glass of coffee with a frothy golden topping
Mayo In Coffee: It's Not Just For Football Players Anymore
When Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis jokingly added a dollop of mayo to his coffee, it sparked quite a response on social media, but the habit is now gaining traction.
Reminiscent of the bulletproof coffee trend, fans claim that the fat in mayonnaise enhances the coffee's texture and taste, providing a creamy alternative to traditional mix-ins.
Consisting of oil, eggs, and acid, mayonnaise mitigates the bitterness of coffee, making it an ideal addition for mediocre coffee blends whose flavors benefit from softening.
Mayo's combination of eggs and oil mirrors the effect of butter when whisked into coffee, adding a certain creaminess to the beverage.
Before diving in, consider the calories in mayo and the risk of grainy coffee. For the best results, start by adding a small amount and use a milk frother to blend it thoroughly.