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Martha Stewart’s Brownie Hack Gives Edge Pieces The Best Flavor

Brownie edge pieces are already deliciously chewy and gooey in the middle and baked to perfection on the outside, but a hack from Martha Stewart can take them to a whole new level.

Per Stewart, coating your pan with Dutch process cocoa powder instead of flour can prevent the brownies from sticking to the pan while giving the edges an extra chocolatey flavor.

Stewart recommends lining the pan with paper before sprinkling a little Dutch process cocoa powder on it and then tapping around to ensure the powder coats all the surfaces.

Compared to natural cocoa powder, the classic type sold by brands like Hershey, Dutch process cocoa powder is natural cocoa that has an alkalizing agent added to decrease acidity.

Because of its decreased acidity levels, Dutch process cocoa powder is often darker in color and has a less intense and less bitter flavor than natural cocoa powder.

Since the alkalizing agent makes Dutch process cocoa more neutral, it doesn’t cause any additional reactions with leavening agents and baking processes like natural cocoa might do.