Portrait of Ethiopian-born Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson in the atrium dining room of his Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster, New York, New York, 2010. (Photo by Anthony Barboza/Getty Images)
Marcus Samuelsson's Tips For Doubling Fried Chicken Flavor
Chef Marcus Samuelsson is a master of all things fried chicken, and to make it even more delicious, he doubles up on two key parts of the process: curing and frying.
Instead of choosing one type of milk as the marinade base, Samuelsson uses both buttermilk and coconut milk to double the effectiveness of the marinating process.
After marinating overnight, the chicken is fried once and set aside to let the outside dry out while the inside stays moist, giving it a crunchy crust when fried a second time.
When cooking his recipe, Samuelsson fries the chicken for 7 or 8 minutes, then lets it rest for 10 before frying again at a slightly higher temperature for another minute or two.